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CFO Locations Across Australia

We get down to business – your business

We love what we do – helping business owners achieve their goals, and we stake our fees on this with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

We are an established provider of value for money solutions for business owners. We tailor solutions for each business owner and where needed, we can cover every aspect of your business, including:

  • Cash and financial control
  • Sales and marketing
  • Business improvement
  • Online strategies and
  • Planning and strategy

We provide business owners with a one-stop shop for business improvement, advice and support. But it’s not just advice we give, but practical, hands-on implementation to ensure goals are reached, your bottom line improves and the value of your business grows.

There has been a lot of research done in the last 5 years in the area of success in business  – it highlights the increased success business owners achieve when they get help from people with good track records in the above areas.

But most business owners don’t get help from the right people, and consequently struggle to achieve their goals. In fact 70% of business owners fail within 5 years, primarily because they have not LEARNED everything they need to know to avoid common mistakes and to do the things that build a successful business.

Getting help from the right person is the most successful way of avoiding years of learning and poor results that will fast track you to success.

This is where we come in. Every CFO Advisory Consultant has a 20+ year track record of success and knows what it takes to make almost any business successful. What sets us apart is that every CFO Advisory Consultant are actually highly successful business people in their own right, and know how to work with business owners in a supportive way to drive clarity, knowledge, leverage and discipline into your business to deliver a better bottom line and reduced work hours and stress.

Click here to see what we have achieved for other business owners and also click on our team page for more about us.

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Grab your FREE copy
of our new ebook.

Fill in your details and we’ll send you our free book


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Our money back guarantee

We guarantee that if you accept and follow our advice your business will increase in value by at least 10% each year, otherwise we will refund to you the difference between the increase in valuation of your business and our fees for the year.

In addition, if you are not happy with our services provided in any given month, you can tell us within the month and you decide our fee that month.