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Free business valuation

One of the most common questions we hear from business owners is “how much do you think my business is worth?”

Sadly, a lot of the time our reply is nothing or not much and this surprises most business owners.

This is usually because the business would simply stop or struggle if the business owner stopped working in the business.

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer – would you pay more for a business that:

  • requires you (the buyer) to work 50 hours a week just to keep it going, or
  • runs pretty much by itself and maybe only needs 10 hours a week of your time to keep it running well

Of course the latter. But most businesses don’t build their businesses in a way that  maximise the price when they eventually sell.

If you are interested in finding out how much your business is worth and how you can significantly increase it fill in the form now and we will contact you within 24 hours.  

There are 4 key reasons why you should request our FREE valuation report on your business:

  • Reason # 1 – we ensure we value your business in line with methodologies commonly used in your industry
  • Reason # 2 – we provide you with any similar valuations from any recent sale transactions
  • Reason # 3 – we will show you how you can increase the valuation of your business quickly and prepare your business for sale at maximum price
  • Reason # 4 – we will provide feedback on any other areas of your business we observe or you request

To request your FREE report fill in the formon the right of this page now and we will contact you within 24 hours.  

This is another concrete demonstration of our determination to create highly successful relationships with our clients.We put you first ALWAYS.

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Grab your FREE copy
of our new ebook.

Fill in your details and we’ll send you our free book


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Our money back guarantee

We guarantee that if you accept and follow our advice your business will increase in value by at least 10% each year, otherwise we will refund to you the difference between the increase in valuation of your business and our fees for the year.

In addition, if you are not happy with our services provided in any given month, you can tell us within the month and you decide our fee that month.