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How to get better and consistent cash flow

Research shows that businesses are vastly more successful when they have the financial discipline that an experienced CFO brings. This is because a lot of businesses don’t manage their cash flow well and don’t have up to date information to run their business properly.

A quick story to illustrate

In the early 2000’s two brothers graduated from University,and each started a website design business around the same time. Fast forward over 10 years to today and both brothers enjoy success – both are happily married with 2 kids, both have nice houses and enjoy lovely holidays every year.

On the surface, both of their businesses provide the same services, but the numbers are very different. Brother A’s business turns over $1.5m p.a. and a profit of $300k – ok but not game changing. Brother B’s business however now turns over $20m p.a. and a profit more than 30 times that of brother A’s business.In addition,Brother A worksover 60 hours a week while brother B works only 35 hours a week.

So what did brotherB do differently to enjoy so much more success?

He approached his business STRATEGICALLY:

  • He built his business so that it was easily scalable and generated high profit margins without having to work extra hours.
  • He managedcash flow and financingclosely ;
  • Put systems in place that provided reliable,up to date information to run his business properly; and

Most businesses do not achieve these because they cannot afford an experienced CFO or advisor to help them.So how did Friend B achieve the above?

He hired a CFO for just 2 days per month. Together they build brother B’s business strategically, focusing on the niche medical website market, offering the same website solution for the same price over and over. This meant that quoting and development costs were very low and customers came to them regularly through word of mouth. In addition brother B sold recurring digital marketing services after the initial website went live, like Google Adwords, social media management and video production. In fact recurring revenue from existing customers now exceeds  website development revenue. Cash flows are tightly managed, and with reliable up to date information the business has secured attractive funding solutions that allows rapid growth without additional working capital, and many of the operations in the business are automated. Working with an experienced CFO and taking a strategic approach to his business has paid off many times over, in fact brother B has been approached to sell his business for many millions of dollars – he can sell and retire today if he wished.

Benefits of a part time CFO

  • Better and more consistent of cash flow
  • Access to better finance and funding solutions
  • A more strategic, scaleable business
  • Less stress
  • Reliable numbers daily
  • Much less paperwork for you & more time to work on your business
  • Better outcomes with suppliers, bankers& customers
  • No recruitment fees or lock in contract
  • On tap advice from an 20+ year experienced CFO
  • Flexible services that can go up or down as you need
  • Reduced overheads and improved profit
  • Better & more automated processes and systems

We have been tailoring these types of solutions with great success for over 5 years, with the overall cost always<12% of a full time CFO, but with 90%+ of the benefits.

Our experience is that you get the greatest strategic and operational value from a CFO by utilising them for 1-2 days per month. For the remainder of the month you only need a low cost bookkeeper or controller.

Our CFO’s and bookkeepers work this way with all our clients and this arrangement adds real value to your business at a significantly lower cost.

The proof of this is the longevity of our relationships – most of our clients have been with us for years.

Perhaps the best way to demonstrate the value that we bring to businesses is to show you a real life example of a business owner who has built 2 similar businesses– 1 with our help and 1 without us– please watch this short video below now.

[insertMJ bale video]

We are experts at working with complex and fast paced companies that need help with the many problems business owners encounter in today’s ever changing world.

We are also experts at leveraging the latest technology to move your business to a paperless environment and automating a lot of the back office so you are completely focused on growing your business and dealing with customers.

We are very confident about our CFO services and offer a 30 day money back guarantee so you get to try us risk free – so call us now on 1800 919 321 to organise your 30 day trial.

What we do

  • manage your cash flow
  • manage your banking/funding relationships
  • ensure your business is strategically aligned for scaleable growth
  • help you prepare a budget
  • recruit and run your finance function including tax compliance
  • manage the month end reporting process
  • develop best practice KPI reports and management information
  • manage your costs
  • improve your bottom line

Typical circumstances where we really help

  • you are growing quickly and have a number of issues you need help with, but can’t afford a full time CFO
  • you need to make your business more strategically scaleable
  • you are growing quickly and need better strategic planning and monthly reporting to manage your business better
  • you need help getting your business into shape to sell it or raise more money
  • you need a better run finance team
  • you have serious cash or accounting issues in your business that you need help with

So fill out the form at the right of this page or call us now on 1800 919 321 to organise your initial FREE consultation.

If you are still undecided watch this video first and then phone us direct on 1800 919 321 for more information.


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of our new ebook.

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Our money back guarantee

We guarantee that if you accept and follow our advice your business will increase in value by at least 10% each year, otherwise we will refund to you the difference between the increase in valuation of your business and our fees for the year.

In addition, if you are not happy with our services provided in any given month, you can tell us within the month and you decide our fee that month.