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Why Your Business Needs a CFO

  • To make sure the finances of your business stay on track and in control and help you make fast, informed decisions that drive growth and safeguard your hard earned cash.
  • To help pick up the right niche market and target audiences to focus on
  • To optimise your unique point of difference or your product or service offering
  • To construct and then implement a well considered growth strategy and marketing plan
  • To implement systems that provide accurate, timely reports to run your business optimally and stay in front of your competition
  • To ensure your business is built to scale so that it becomes less reliant on you and that you are leveraging your key assets as much as possible
  • To finally ensure you have the right systems that generate recurring income and maximise the lifetime value of your customers.

We have never worked with a business that has not increased by at least 50% in value in the first 2 years. But don’t take my word for it, listen to the video below from the CEO of MJ Bale or other videos on our success page!

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