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How to get Facebook fans FAST

Posted on 02/27/2012 by wp

Most businesses benefit from having a large group of Facebook fans. The more fans you have the easier it is to communicate with them via blog, email or video, and make money from them.

For example, a retail business can send an email to their fans about a special on one of their products. Once you have a reasonably sized fan base response rates to your email promotions are predictable. A rule of thumb for a retailer is that they will get a 2% response rate across their fan base when promoting a special. So if they have 4,000 fans and they are offering a shirt special for $150, they should generate revenue from their fan base of $12,000 (4,000 fans x 2% x $150) – that’s $3 revenue per fan per promotion.

If your profit margin is 50% then you are making $1.50 in revenue per fan per promotion. If you are doing 1 promotion per quarter that’s $6 profit for every Facebook fan you get per year – not bad!

So growing your Facebook fan numbers can make you a lot of money over time.

Now what if you could grow your fan base from 4,000 to 40,000, over lets say a year, for almost no cost. With 4,000 fans you are making $24,000 in gross profit a year – at 40,000 fans you are suddenly making $240,000 in gross profit a year – not bad!

Here are some easy tips you can follow to get Facebook fans fast and at minimal cost.

1.Create a Facebook landing page
This is the most important tip and should be done 1st. This is the page that people land on automatically when they go to your Facebook page for the first time. This is a must because you want new visitors to be taken to a page that tells them exactly who you are and what you do, and also gives them clear instructions about how to become a fan.

If you don’t have a landing page new visitors will go straight to your wall which doesn’t focus on telling them who you are, what your business does and how to become a fan and why they should become a fan, and it doesn’t have graphics either ie. It doesn’t give them a good first impression.

So a landing page is a blank HTML page that you setup to be the default page for new visitors.

2.Place links to your Facebook page on your website

Make sure your Facebook link is above the fold on all your webpages that people visit the most – I find that putting it on the top right hand side works best and use the “f” Facebook icon as your link with the text “Follow me on Facebook” next to it. You can do the same for Twitter and LinkedIn or other social media. Also put a link to Facebook at the end of your blog posts – if someone has read a blog all the way to the end they probably enjoyed the blog and be more inclined to become a fan at this point – if your landing page is setup they will know exactly what to do to become a fan 

3.Include a link to your fan page in any signatures or forums you are in

Its easy to set up an automatic signature that has a link to your Facebook landing page

4.Plug in your Facebook fan page to video and blog posts

For example insert a link on any Youtube videos – make sure your link is an easy to remember url link. Do this by going to to create your own url – note you will need at least 25 fans to do this

5.Use Facebook to advertise your Facebook page
These are the ads that appear on the right hand side of Facebook – you can put an add here for your fan page on certain peoples walls.

The best part about this is its much cheaper than advertising with Google adwords or LinkedIn, and you can really select the type of person you want to appear on their wall – by location, sex, age, industry, job title.

You do this by clicking on the “promote with an ad” link which is at the top left of your fan page underneath your picture. It will make an ad for you but I suggest you play around and make your own – make sure it grabs peoples attention and gives people a reason to click on your ad and get them to your landing page.

Use the Targeting functionality to identify who exactly you want to see your ad – when you have finished targeting Facebook will tell you exactly how many people will be shown the ad. You can also select keywords – so if you select Golden retriever as a keyword Facebook will find any Facebook fan that has mentions Golden retriever  somewhere on their wall or profile. If you write a good ad people will be surprised that you know they have a Golden retriever and be interested enough to click through to your landing page and become a fan.

You can then track the results of your ad in detail – how many impressions, click throughs and fans you are getting.

Facebook will also suggest a bid price – I recommend only biding 50% – 75% of this price to maximise your result. If you are paying 50 cents per click and achieve a 20% conversion rate into becoming a Facebook fan, it is costing you $2.50 to acquire a Facebook fan compared to the $6 gross profit per fan p.a. you are making – well worth it.

Hope you find these tips useful – please do not hesitate to contact CFO Advisory if you would like more detail or some help implementing these tips on or call us on 1800 919 321.

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