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Integrating Demonstrations with a Sales Process

Posted on 03/03/2014 by Adam Roth

Neil Livingstone from CFO Advisory presents the importance and value of a well performed demonstration which should complement a selling process and a marketing process. See what results clients have had after short periods of applying the CFO Advisory expertise and implementing the right approach in demonstrating their products and services.

In today’s episode:

00:00 – 00:43 Neil introduces the notion of demonstration
00:43 – 01:32 Assessing and improving client’s approach to demonstration
01:36 – 02:27 The results clients have had using their improved demonstrations
02:28 – 02:50 Contact information where you can find out more about the power of demonstration

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The Power of Demonstration

Hello, my name is Neil Livingstone from CFO Advisory. Today, I just want to have a short note on the power of demonstration. I’m going to do this by telling a story of a client I’ve just gone through this process with. They sell cleaners. I won’t say what type of cleaners, because it will make it quite obvious. They have just gone through a review with me, looking at their whole sales process, the whole marketing process, looking at what messages they are getting out, but then also how they actually demonstrate the product.

Integrating Demonstrations with a Sales Process Blog Image

Reviewing Demonstration Methods

Very high-end, very technical, very high-end sales and they find that when they go and do a demonstration of the product in the client’s premises. They show a before and after versus their current cleaning method. It pretty much sells itself 90 % of the time and only recently they’ve worked at the power of demonstration and not only that we’ve integrated and leveraged that power in a demonstration through building in a proper selling process, through a CRM system that’s not only good with capturing prospect information, but it also sends out emails and there is also a telemarketing system which very few CRM systems have achieved.

Results of a Good Integrated Demonstration

Results have been amazing in the first month. They’ve only been going through this process for one month and their sales have doubled. Key messages are: demonstrating your product is very powerful always. Don’t forget that and putting in a selling process and using technology. Just in conclusion, the best way to sell a product or a service, for that matter, is to demonstrate it and demonstrate it well. Work out how to demonstrate it well and then integrate that with a sales process which comes off multiple media so phone, internet and capturing your prospects’ details.

If you’re interested in seeing how that could work for you, feel free to email me at or give me a call at 1800 919 321. Thank you.

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