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  • Eat that frog eBookdownload
  • The 8 Laws of Networking Successdownload
  • How to create your Unique Selling Propositiondownload
  • How to create an ad that makes you a lot of moneydownload
  • How to make your prospect love you in 1 minutedownload
  • Exercising your influencedownload
  • The science of getting richdownload
  • Key stats – Australian small businessdownload
  • Videos.
  • Siimon Reynolds – People dont buy what you do, they buy why you do itview
  • Tony Robbins – Tiny Changes Mean Huge Resultsview
  • Napoleon Hill talks about his meeting with Andrew Carnegieview
  • Recommended Reading
  • Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill
  • How to win friends and influence People Dale Carnegie
  • Maximum achievement Brian Tracy
  • The Science of getting rich Wallace D Wattles
  • The e-myth revisited Michael E Gerber
  • Why People Fail Simon Reynolds
  • The 4 hour work week Timothy Ferriss
  • Million dollar referrals Allan Weiss
  • Eat that frog Brian Tracy


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of our new ebook.

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