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How to make Online work

Working out what to do online is perhaps the most confusing areas for business owners of all. There are so many different options and mixed messages about what works and how much it should cost, and what the results should be.

Most business owners are overwhelmed with the mass of choices and information they receive, and give up trying to make online work because they don’t meet someone who they trust that has done it successfully before and can help them. Consequently their website and online stuff is average at best and generates little or no profit.

Here is the good news. Online opportunities represent the most cost effective marketing tools to reach huge, even global markets. In this day and age most online stuff such as:

  • Website design
  • Search engine optimization (“SEO”)
  • Google Adwords and Adsense
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc)
  • LinkedIn lead generation
  • Email marketing including autoresponders
  • Newsletters
  • Blogs
  • Podcasting and webinars
  • eBooks

is not expensive if you know what you are doing. You just need to know who to speak to, how to set the processes up and where and when to advertise, to get VERY good results.

For example, in the last 12 months we:

  • generated revenues of over $300k from online ads that cost less than $10k.
  • generated revenues of $50k in 2 weeks from an email campaign that didn’t cost anything.
  • Designed and launched a website that is now ranked #1 on Google and generates $150,000 in revenue per month

Because we work with a lot of different businesses we know what online strategies are working in the market at any given time, and how to leverage them for the lowest cost and highest impact. All of our Consultants are successful business people in their own right who know how to work well with business owners to implement successful online strategies that:

  • make sense for your industry and stage of development
  • fits your budget, and
  • maximises the ROI from your online spend

Call now for a free, no obligation appraisal on 1800 919 321 or email us at to find out how we can help you develop and then deliver a successful online strategy.

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Grab your FREE copy
of our new ebook.

Fill in your details and we’ll send you our free book


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