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Part Time CFO

Research shows that businesses are much more successful when they have the clarity, focus and financial discipline that an experienced CFO brings to the table.

However a lot of businesses cannot afford a good full time CFO at a cost of $200k-$300k p.a.

An ever increasingly popular solution is to tailor a contract finance team that includes a part time CFO, bookkeeper &/or controller, and change this mix as your needs change. We have been tailoring these types of solutions for business owners with great success for over 5 years, with the overall cost being 10% – 20% of the cost of a full time CFO, but with 90%+ of the benefits. Our team of CFO’s are successful business people in their own right, and know how to work with you in an enjoyable, supportive way to transform your business.

Out tailored finance solutions give you a fantastic value for money finance team and at the same time incredible support in the areas of clarity, focus and financial discipline that will help take your business to the next level of profitability and cash flow.

Our experience is that you get the greatest strategic and operational value from an experienced CFO by engaging them for 1-2 days per month. For the remainder of the month you only need a bookkeeper &/or controller – so most of our CFO solutions include only 1-2 days CFO time per month, then a bookkeeper &/or controller for 2-5 days per week at a fraction of the cost of a full time CFO.

In fact some businesses only need an experienced controller, not a CFO – which reduces your cost even more.

Whatever your needs we make sure your solution is the most cost effective for you while making sure you are getting the right level of clarity and financial discipline to help drive your profit and cash flow. We also work with you to get the mix right between virtual (remote) and on-site time – the more virtual time in the solution the lower the cost – ultimately it is your decision on the mix you want and we can change the mix whenever you need.

Our CFO’s, Controllers and Bookkeepers work in the above arrangements all the time, so we really know what we are doing and how to add value to your business at the lowest cost– the proof of the value we bring and how we optimise the solution is the longevity of our relationships – most of our customers have been with us for years – checkout our video testimonials in the left hand column and on our testimonials page to hear this direct from our very happy customers.

We are experts at working with complex and fast paced companies that need help with the many problems business owners encounter in today’s ever changing world. We are also experts at leveraging the latest technology to move your business to a paperless environment and automating a lot of the back office so you are completely focused on growing your business and dealing with customers. Read more about this on our Reduce your paperwork by 50% page.

We have made the decision to try us risk free – we are now offering a 30 day free trial of our service so you get to try before you buy – so call us now on 1800 919 321 to talk to us and organise a 30 day trial.

Examples of what we do

  • manage your cash flow and banking/funding relationships
  • help you budget properly for your business and provide strategic advice when you need it
  • recruit, build and run your finance function including tax compliance
  • manage the month end reporting process
  • develop best practice KPI reports and management information
  • manage your costs
  • help with risk management

Benefits of using a part time CFO

  • No need for a full time CFO / no recruitment fees / no lock in contract
  • access the experience and advice of an experienced, big company CFO without the crazy price tag
  • Flexible service and cost that can by increased or decreased as your needs change
  • Better relationships and outcomes with your suppliers, bankers, customers, shareholders
  • More timely and quality information
  • Best practice processes and technology

Typical part time CFO assignments include

  • you are growing quickly and have a number of issues you need help with, but can’t afford a full time CFO
  • you are growing quickly and need better strategic planning and monthly reporting to manage your business better
  • you need help getting your business into shape to sell it or raise more money
  • you need a better run finance team
  • you have serious issues in your business that you need help with

Call now for a free, no obligation appraisal of your business on 1800 919 321 or email us at



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Our money back guarantee

We guarantee that if you accept and follow our advice your business will increase in value by at least 10% each year, otherwise we will refund to you the difference between the increase in valuation of your business and our fees for the year.

In addition, if you are not happy with our services provided in any given month, you can tell us within the month and you decide our fee that month.