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The 6 Essential Website Aspects Which Get More Leads

Posted on 03/27/2014 by Adam Roth

Neil Livingstone from CFO Advisory explains why most service selling businesses are having a difficult time generating leads through their websites. He also offers a simple formula to turn your website into a website that sells. Listen to the six essential website aspects to help you generate more leads from content you should present to social media involvement.

In today’s episode:

00:00 – 00:36 Neil explains why websites fail to sell
00:37 – 00:53 The formula that resolves such issues in 6 steps
00:54 – 01:28 Steps 1-3 relating to content and the selling proposition
01:29 – 01:58 Steps 4-6 relating to social proof, web design and landing pages

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Why Doesn’t Your Website Generate Leads?

Hi. My name is Neil Livingstone. Most people don’t realise that 70% of businesses are actually service businesses. Only 30% sell products and in our experience most service-oriented businesses really struggle to build a website that actually generates leads. I’m sure you’ve surfed around a bit. You’ll find that 95% of these types of websites are what I call brochure websites – they give you a lot of bland information and they just don’t sell.

The 6 Essential Website Aspects Which Get More Leads PDF picture

The 6 Aspects of a Website That Sells

The good news is that there is a simple formula to build websites that sell. You just need to follow it. It sounds silly, but even when people know what they need to do, most of them still don’t do it. So, here are the key components of a website that sells:

1. You need to offer valuable information in form of a free eBook or a free video series.

2. You need to use persuasive content that resonates with the customers. This is a really important one.

3. You need to clearly set out the business’s unique selling proposition and that needs to address a critical pain point for the customer.

4. You need to have a lot of social proof on your website.

5. You need to keep the content and the design of your website very simple and only cover one or, perhaps, two key messages.

6. And finally, you need to use landing pages to augment all of the above.

If you want a website that sells, contact us on 1800 919 321 or fill out a form on this page. We are going to provide you with a free report on your website within 24 hours that clearly and in detail sets out what you need to do to get your website selling. Thank you.

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