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The Right Strategy for Success in Marketing

Posted on 04/03/2014 by Adam Roth

Neil Livingstone presents today’s topic about the requirements that you need to meet in order to be successful in your marketing efforts and why people usually fail to do so. Benefit from the experience of all of our Marketing Consultants and Business Consultants at CFO advisory and find out what you can learn at one of our free seminars and what we can teach you about key messages, automated communications systems, etc.

In today’s episode:

00:06 -01:00 Why people fail at marketing and what it takes to succeed
01:01 – 02:20 The first component and its 9 important aspects
02:24 – 03:45 The second component and 3 critical things you must do
03:46 – 04:42 The reasons for attending our seminars

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Reasons for Failure and Success in Marketing

Hi, my name is Neil Livingstone. I’d like to talk to you about why your marketing is probably not working as well as you would like it to. We find that people fall into 1 of 3 categories:

  • They try all of the latest marketing fads, tactical marketing fads, but none of those work particularly well for them.
  • They only try very limited tactical marketing fads, because they just don’t know which of them are going to work for their business and their sector.
  • They don’t try any marketing at all, because they have never seen anybody who makes marketing work.

To build a marketing system that works for you day after day, you first need to build a marketing strategy, before you spend any money whatsoever on marketing. And a marketing strategy has 2 key components:

The first part is to build a solid foundation of key messages that resonate with your customer. The second component is to use those key messages, leverage them, build a system, an automated system that generates leads. So let’s cover both of those quickly now:

The Right Strategy dor Success in Marketing Blog Image

9 Important Aspects of Your Key Messages

Component number one – your foundation, your key messages. There are 9 aspects to your key messages and here they are very quickly:

1. You need a unique perceived benefit, really important.

2. You need to turn your features into benefits.

3. You need to build an irresistible offer.

4. You need to develop really good headlines.

5. You need to offer guarantees.

6. You need to turn your guarantees into sales barrier demolition.

7. You need to provide reasons why.

8. You need to provide social proof.

9. You need to provide a call to action.

Once you think you got these 9 messages down, you need to do something that 99% of people don’t do – and that is to go and test them with their customers. This is absolutely critical to having a solid and successful marketing system.

How to Use the Key Messages and Build Automated Systems

Part 2 is then leveraging those messages and building an automated system. This part is also very critical, and it is so because 97% of all the marketing that you do is not going to resonate or you’re going to get no response first time round. And this is usually because your prospects are simply too busy and/or the timing isn’t quite right for them now.

This part of setting up an automated system, I find is the hardest obstacle for people to get over, because there are 3 critical things that you need to do:

  • Firstly, you need to build a website and landing pages that are very persuasive – the content is very persuasive. You need to have an eBook or a free video series that captures leads.
  • This is going to get your database building nicely and the next step is critical – you need to segment your database and rank your leads in terms of quality.
  • Finally, you need to build an email and other automated communications systems that get your prospects to like, to know, to trust you and, finally, to buy from you.

Bottom line, it’s really hard to do this and most people that get it right learn that it takes time and they get someone to help them.

Why You Should Attend Our Seminars

So, we offer regular free seminars, information seminars, that go through everything I’ve just talked about in step-by-step detail that will help you do this in your business. Let me give you 5 reasons why you should come and attend our seminar:

1. The first reason is that strategies that we suggest are pretty quick and easy to implement.

2. They are low-cost or sometimes they actually cost nothing.

3. We go into a lot of details step-by-step that even if you’ve had no marketing experience, you will be able to follow what we do. We provide case studies and real-life examples.

4. Once you learn this, you are going to be able to do it within your business, or any business for that matter, over and over again.

5. Finally and most importantly, you are going to make more profit as a result of this.

If you are interested in attending one of our seminars, give us a call on 1800 919 321 or visit us at

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