The Federal Housing Administration, or FHA, is a government agency that originated as part of the 1934 National Housing Act. It represented the early New Deal's most important attempt at short-term pump priming of the economy, but it also had long-term significance as a shaping influence on the development of urban America. The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Institutionalizes Racism. (5) Sixth Annual Report of the Federal Housing Administration, calendar year 1939, pp. The Federal Government Begins Redlining . The enactment of the National Housing Act on June 27, 1934, began the modern involvement of the federal government in the American housing market. 1934–1968: FHA Mortgage Insurance Requirements Utilize Redlining Race and ethnicity are used to determine mortgage eligibility in communities such as Roxbury, Dorchester and Hyde Park, thus perpetuating housing segregation. The federal government was not involved in housing until 1934 when the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) was created as part of the New Deal. FHA programs financed military housing and homes. FDR New Deal Programs Fact 11: The 1934 Federal Housing Administration (FHA) was created to stimulate the building industry by providing small loans for home construction. During the 1940s, FHA helped veterans and their families after World War II. FDR New Deal Programs Fact 12: The 1934 Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) was established to protect investors from stock market fraud and deception The New Deals Banking Act of 1933 and National Housing Act of 1934 respectively created a national system of deposit guaranty and mortgage insurance that would implement these programs (Greer 205; Vorbornikova 44). v-vi. In the 1950s, 60s and 70s, FHA helped spark the production of millions of units of privately-owned apartments for … The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is a U.S. government agency that provides mortgage insurance to qualified, FHA-approved lenders. ... Congress enacted the National Housing Act of 1934… NATIONAL HOUSING ACT OF 1934. The official position of the Federal Housing Administration—which underwrote $120 billion in new housing construction between 1934 and 1962—was that … (6) Second Annual Report of the Federal Housing Administration, calendar year … Congress created FHA in 1934. Congress created the Federal Housing Administration in 1934 during the Great Depression. In addition, the federal government enforced segregation through “redlining” of mortgage loans. (4) Ibid., p. 13. (3) First Annual Report of the Federal Housing Administration, June 27, 1934 through December 31, 1934, p. 4. The current digital era means that data is more easily available to housing policymakers and credit-risk managers today than in 1934 when the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) was established.
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