They can be customized to any fit the clients needs. Just tell us what you need, and our experts find a solution. Provide a safer, better ventilated, and more secure location. Find and visit the closest office or one of our authorized distributors that can assist you. Our SAFEDOOR advantages are : 5 year guarantee on the retractable security doors and security gates … 877-313-1635. Free expert advice given with no obligation. Providing a medium level of security, the Seceuroguard security gate range is manufactured for use in home and offices, as well as commercial shop fronts. Very Important Information. Easy to maintain and secure with multi-point locking systems. Every one is backed by years of experience to ensure total quality. Our galvanized steel folding scissor gates are ideal … Automatic Gates and Doors is an Australian business serving customers in south-east Queensland and Brisbane for 50 years. Retractable Security Grilles. Xpanda has been manufacturing custom sliding security doors since 1974. Trellidor Fixed burglar bars do not open like gates. Get a Quote! Contact us to find out more about our products to secure your home and business today. Retractable security gates that allow for through vision designed to protect windows and doors. Xpanda security swing gates are designed to protect entrances of almost any shape or size. We build and install Security Gates and Burglar Bars. The ultimate security feature for your home. SeceuoGuard retractable gates are exceptionally safe and easy to handle with a smooth, quiet operation. Automatic retractable gate, Automatic sliding gate,accordion barrier automatic folding gate , suspension folding gate, suspended gate, folding driveway gates,and other 10 major series of more than 100 … Ranging from retractable, removable and fixed bollards, to road blockers. Extreme Security: South Africa’s premier sliding security trellis doors are suitable for very high risk security requirements. ... Our security gate screws are also longer than usual to provide extra pull-out resistance for our security gates and burglar bars. Our gates are 100% made in the USA and provide a ventilated, safer and more secure location with folding security gates for doors and windows. Swing Gates. Did you know? © Xpanda Security 2020 - v.1.2, 10 Aberdein Rd, Roodekop, Germiston, 1400, 14/22 Wiltshire Rd, Pinetown Durban, 4000. Tailor Made Security Gates at Competitive Prices. Medium Security: An economical retractable gate that is suitable for basic security and indoor application. and an expert will answer any questions right over the phone. Fitted to the door or window surround, they can disappear neatly behind curtains or blinds. Mesh Screens Diamond or square mesh screens. At Xpanda we have a comprehensive range of aluminium, wrought iron, stainless steel, and mild steel security gates at different price points. Portable belt barriers, plastic chain barriers, and rope barriers guide pedestrians or temporarily block access to aisles, doorways, and walkways. Heavy Duty Accordion Gates for Security, This Folding Gates are Retractable and can be Wall Mounted or Floor Mounted and Swivel 180 degree. They match Trellidor Retractable sliding gates and are available in the same range of strengths. Retractable Security Gates. Roll-up security grilles, also known as retractable security grilles, security shutters, or rollup security gates, are metal barriers that offer protection when in place. Lockable gates come in a broad variety of sizes. We determine your risks and needs, listen to your concerns, and can install a complete line of security gates, barriers, overhead door gates, expanding / retractable gates, window guards and steel security enclosures. Retractable screens (roll down screens) are quite different and serve a completely different purpose. Incredible Door, trusted retractable security gates supplier, offers high quality security doors and windows for homes and businesses. They stand up to weather, rust resistant, and they look better and last longer! : Retractable Baby Gate, Momcozy Mesh Safety Gate for Babies and Pets, Extra Wide Safety Baby Gate 33.7" Tall, Extends to 55" Wide, Pet Dog Gate for … Installation. Save up to 10% A visible deterrent for lower risk applications. ... Smart phone access, Security Gates, Security Fencing. Matching existing color schemes in your facility is a breeze with IEP: custom Powder Coating finishes are available for all gates. Retractable Security Gates vs. Roller Shutters – A Pick for Your Patio. Call us today on 1300 55 33 20 for more information Free property security risk assessment to establish your property’s security needs. Compare the features & item design benefits of our range of security gates. In the unlikely event of a breach, the damaged product will be repaired/replaced or refunded. Folding Security Gates and Accordion Security Gates Steel scissor gates to secure hallways, doors, entrance ways Sometimes referred to as "scissor gates" or "accordion gates," these steel folding security gates give you the ability to close or lock off an area, while maintaining visibility into the area, and air circulation throughout that area. We’ll custom-make nearly any folding gate! Automatic Driveway Gates, we are manufacture of custom driveway gate design, distributor of high-quality slide and swing gate openers at affordable prices. Our story began in 1974,when we started manufacturing custom physical barrier systems direct to the end customer.Over the last 4 and half decades, as local and global economies changed, we have seen crime, and criminal modus operandi evolve. Join the Gator family today! As crime is a harsh reality in South Africa. Start Your Estimate Today. Applications Bolt cutter resistant and 5 mm thick, as a parent or family person the retractable security barrier is exactly what you need to keep your family safe and beat the intruder. Steel Retractable Security Gates (also known as Collapsible Gates) provide excellent protection to windows and doors in any property. These security barriers (similarly referred to as security gates, security doors, burglar gates, and burglar doors .etc) manufactured to the highest standard, and like all Xpanda products, are a recommended security barrier to secure your home or business. Security Gates. Our galvanized coating bonds to steel 10 times stronger than paint; that means our products are virtually maintenance-free. *(T & C’s Apply). Door Gates Hinged or retractable gate grilles. Here at Britannia Security & Maintenance we offer a range of high level security products for your every need. These Folding Gates are Retractable and are used mostly in Industrial warehouses for overhead doors openings. The security grille is available in a white or black powder coat and is aesthetically pleasing. Retractable . Sliding Security Gates & Swing Gates. Origuard Aluminium Retractable Security Gate Aluminium is an extremely durable, yet lightweight material that’s strong enough to withstand significant force. Gallery News Contact Retractable security gates prevent smash-and-grabs and loss from break-ins by protecting a single point of access or providing a complete front-line wall of security across the entire facade. Options for hinged or removable. Expandable Security Gates. Hinged Door Gates Physical Security Products Our products are ideal for any vulnerable windows & doors. Trellidor Retractable security gates are hung from the top track and the security gate wheels fit inside this track. This scissor gate is suitable for all opening widths and for heights up to 2.5 metres. Folding Security Gates and Accordion Security Gates Steel scissor gates to secure hallways, doors, entrance ways Sometimes referred to as "scissor gates" or "accordion gates," these steel folding security gates give you the ability to close or lock off an area, while maintaining visibility into the area, and air circulation throughout that area. Previous Next. Provide a safer, better ventilated, and more secure location. The SeceuroGuard Retractable Security Gate system is a stylish solution for protecting windows and doors. Retractable Gates . Gate Operators Estate Gates … Learn More. The Status Gate from Sequre Trellis - High Level Retractable Security Barriers & Security Gates For Strength & Eco Needs. Bollards and decorative security planters are visual deterrents to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. ... Retractable Screens. 1 Loss Prevention Solution. In addition, passers-by have visual access to the business premises to view products on display even when the store is closed. All retractable security gates are shipped as a kit with all necessary parts for a complete install (Fewer wall fasteners). Maxidor MXA Security Door Gate Currently on Special! Security Shutters, Retractable Security Gates, SeceuroBar & Aluminium Folding Shutter. Trellidor fit fully framed Retractable Security gates with strong, patented locking systems. The gates are fitted with tamper-proof fixings and the locks are designed to make it difficult for robbers to breakthrough. Folding Security Gates - Medium Duty Security gates to help secure openings without the cost of traditional gates Get Quote. Leave us a message below and we’ll be in touch soon: Office number: 041 581 3710 Illinois Engineered Products (IEP) is your No. Xpanda retractable security gates are ideal for all manner of purpose, with shop fronts, windows, and doors benefiting from the extra security Xpanda offers. Toll Free. Grilles For Patio Doors Security grilles for patio doors. Learn more about our physical security solutions. It is recommended the door be installed by an authorized or experienced person. Contact us today on 01933 274276 to discuss your requirements. Wall-mounted retractable barriers restrict access without taking up floor space. We have been a leading developer and innovator of retractable security doors with thousands of happy and SAFE customers. Most standard sizes are available but we can custom make the size that you need. When protection is needed, SeceuroGuard acts as a visible deterrent to would be intruders who, should they persist, will meet with an effective barrier entry. You can view the prices for these on our security … We provide a wide range of Security Grilles - Retractable Industrial Doors, Security Shutters and Grilles for Commercial, Industrial and Residential Premises from Samson Doors UK. 1 Loss Prevention Solution. Call Today! Barrier Group design, manufacture and install car park, road and industrial safety products such as bollards, speed humps and expandable barriers to protect your business and ensure pedestrian safety. Security gates and barriers to help you protect inventory and maintain accessibility. We also feature recycled materials in our extensive portfolio of products; many are stocked and ship right away! Take a look at our Products and contact us for exceptional personalized service. PICK YOUR PRODUCT: Click here to determine which IEP item is perfect for your project. Jun 20, 2013 - Folding Security Gates are your number one solution for theft prevention. Trellis Retractable Security Gates Features. Whether you have a Commercial, Domestic or Industrial property that needs securing, we have the right product for you. Break-In Guarantee For Life. Built with a 100% aluminium construction, it is ideal for coastal regions as it is rust resistant. Robo Door offers different types of burglar proofing services and security barriers products at highest quality since 2005. Login View Cart (0) View Quote (0) Checkout Quote Builder Call Today! Xpanda has been manufacturing custom sliding security doors since 1974. Xpanda Security ™ Is Member of The Argent Industrial Group, Disclaimer: All images on this site are the sole property of Xpanda Security Ltd and The Argent Industrial Group & subject to copyright. This ensures the barrier operates smoothly with low friction, reducing the need for maintenance. Fence & Gates Hurricane & Security Shutters Retractable Screens Access Controllers. These security barriers (similarly referred to as security gates, security doors, burglar gates, and burglar doors .etc) manufactured to the highest standard, and like all Xpanda products, are a recommended security barrier to secure your home or business. The Saftidor is a cost effective powder coated steel retractable grille system. Our Trellis Security Gates and or Doors are designed with South African & African conditions in mind, the Maxidor MXA is fully retractable, boasts our Slamlock™, Style flights and is custom manufactured. Scissor Gates: Heavy Duty Accordion Gates for Security. [CDATA[ (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) })(window,document,'script','','ga'); ga('create', 'UA-8905846-1', 'auto'); ga('send', 'pageview'); // ]]> Call us toll-free 1.877.437.4623 between 8:00am-4:30pm CST Or email us now at Folding to 1/20th of their expanded size, our retractable sliding doors allow you to slide them out of the way when not in use. See more ideas about security gates, theft prevention, security. The gates locks in several places inside the lock stile using just one key inserted into a single keyhole. When not in use, these retractable security gates are surprisingly unobtrusive. Access Controllers. This is just one of the reasons why an aluminium security gate is one of the best investments you can make in the security of your business, home and loved ones. //
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